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TFK News is (nearly always!) updated on a weekly basis, but if we have had a good week riding we might not of had time. Keep Checking back for updates and new pictures.

For amusement
2011-02-16 21:38:11 UTC PM by Boydie

Well I'm trying
2011-02-08 22:19:20 UTC PM by Boydie

Well am just trying to sort out some new videos for the tube of you, aswell as doing two new website for m8s.

crap day at work though has spoiled my brain, so yur justgonna get mindless comments

New news setup
2011-02-04 08:31:21 UTC PM by Boydie

Hi Guys,

Long time no speak to eh?
In fact you probably don't even come around this page anymore?

Well hope that will change now, I have just got around to setup a new news write which should mean I'll start to get more and more news up here for you.

It will probably be just twoodle, and my youtube vids but might be interesting enough for you to take 5 mins out of your busy day.